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Morphos opens at 15 Film Festival Zaragoza

Carlos Morett

The Zaragoza Film Festival originates from several groups, including "The Roost" "Neogore" and "Paranoia" in the summer of 1995; Santiago Segura at the opening, this marathon spectacle of cinema, music and theater, brought enormous enthusiasm, and thereafter, with the support of Youth Service of the City of Zaragoza, which was consolidated in full as a great celebration cinematography.

This year, the FCZ has prepared a first-:

                Ethnographic film cycle "Espiello" - 5 sessions documentary

                * Wishes for a better world * social traditions recovered mosaic of cultures * * * current social criticism visions of old crafts

                Guest country Poland

                recognition of one of the most interesting industries and great contribution of Krzysztof Kieslowski talent from the perspective of "cinema of moral anxiety" or streams as the "Polish School" and representatives as Roman Polanski and Andrzej Wajda

                Cultural barrel

                Dedicated to the production of Venezuela. Feature films, Short, Documentary, VideoArte 100% Venezuelan production.

                Free entry events, "Festival is approaching neighborhoods."

                and of course in competition:

                ·Short Fiction Contest                 ·Documentary Competition                 ·Z series Short Film Contest                 ·Contest "Filmic Survival"                 ·Video Contest                 ·Aragones Audiovisual Landscape                 ·Amber HFS 36

Festival of Toledo. – Carlos Morett

The Independent Film Show XIII and Fantastic Toledo 2009 that was made from 25 to 29 November, aims primarily to national and international screenings of feature films, shorts and documentaries fantastic and independent court. This year, the festival has offered themed attractions, tastings, theater and live music, and of course not forgetting the international competition, with the "Target Award". It is a real pleasure to share with you our excitement for having won the second prize for best short film in the sample and Fantasy Film Independent Toledo, thank you very much to the Festival.

Shooting Morphos 3D – Carlos Morett

Ready! Morphos finished filming ... Thank you all for the excellent work. We share some pictures:

Valls Film Festival.

The way the Cyclops has started its way from, bet Disney to project with one of its most anticipated releases as it has been Surrogates, in addition to a number of festivals has been selected the short film, is indeed a pleasure and is better when accompanied by recognition; we are pleased to share with you, that 15 Valls Film Contest has awarded the First Prize of Fantasy - Animation Enxaneta Silver Cyclops. This event presented 236 films and 98 were selected, the awards ceremony is on Saturday November 21 at 21:30 at the Teatre Principal de Valls. Semana shooting! Very intense this week, almost about to finish filming a day in Beth's house and soon the 3D begins ... We left with some very interesting images: cilclope images *** Morphos 3D - Carlos Moretto Ignoto Hello Fans! We started November with much emotion as we have some news to them; we are pleased to inform them that MorphOS 3D is official, therefore, begin production of this new project Ignotoplanet.